Thai Logistic Manager

POSITION Thai Logistic Manager

Type of Unit:
Rotataion: 28/28
Start Date: ASAP

DATE POSTED 2020-06-30
VALID 2020-07-14
NR. REF. THM/RY/06/2020
  • Develop starting from tender stage Project logistics plan according to specific marine operating fleet requisites and operational requirements. Support commercial department in individuate risks and opportunities related to logistics activities, provide cost effective solutions that could anyway guarantee to execute the Project in a safe and timely manner.
  • In general ensure that all Project Logistics activities are carried out in manner consistent with Saipem policy on health, safety, quality and environmental matters in accordance with Saipem specific procedures.
  • Liaise with VMT and PMI to manage marine operating fleet inward/outward formalities and customs, arrange for vessels navigation and operational permit/authorization, according to local rules and regulations.
  • Coordinate and arrange for Customs formalities from materials receipt up to final transportation offshore onto the installation vessel involved, and viceversa.
  • Define guidelines with Tax/administration Department and supply chain management in order to make sure that any issue related to inward Customs formalities will not affect outward Customs formalities and consequently will not jeopardize the overall Project execution, according to Customs and fiscal regulations in the Area/country of operation
  • Activate and participate to procurement process of any specific local supply that marine operating fleet could require.
  • Support VMT/HR to coordinate in general personnel, crew changes and to fulfill immigration formalities.
  • Manage solid/liquid waste disposal services related in particular to offshore installation vessels, prepare related logistics plan where required. Liaise in this respect with HSE function in order to obtain all related licenses, permits (even through certified 3rd party) and make sure that waste is actually disposed according to local applicable rules and legislation.
  • Manage the services rendered by local subcontractors in accordance with related contract/agreement provisions also in view of further periodical invoicing.
  • Verify/Approve (in case of PoA) Service Entry/Work Order to regularize these services and release payments, ensuring a proper cash flow that could avoid impact on actual Project operations.
  • Ensure that equipment available are fully certified for offshore utilization and suitable to ensure a proper consumables/material rotation/transportation in accordance with Project procedures and needs.
  • Ensure that regular inspection are actually conducted in this respect, before equipment utilization.
  • Ensure to maintain adequate care and custody of materials, define and optimize storage requirements (open, sheltered, warehouse, stacking arrangements in case of line pipes) in accordance with materials specific characteristics, project requirement, industries standards, space and stacking requisites, considering any possible safety/environmental issue.
  • According to Project and Vessels requirements guarantee an adequate rotation and manage supply vessel runs, strictly follow HSE guidelines to load/offload materials for each port call.
  • Coordinate with PIM, pipe mill, coating subcontractors and/or (in case of Company Provided Items) Clients in order to define and optimize line pipes collection/transportation according to project requirements.
  • Manage pipes loading operations on cargo barges/pipe carriers and guarantee an adequate rotation in order to avoid any pipe-laying vessel stand-by, executing operations in a safe, timely manner according to Project schedule and requirements.
  • Support QC to maintain a proper line pipes tracking upon delivery from/to coating yard, Logistics base and also from/to the final installation vessel once loaded onto pipe carrier and/or cargo barges.
  • Coordinate with pipe tally officers in charge with Pipe Tracking operations carried out at Site in order to both facilitate and optimize pipes handling/storage accordingly.
  • Define the Project logistic plan and/or method of statement, in strict coordination with VMT and PMI.
  • Manage Marine Agency services, customs and immigration formalities, various vessel supplies and disposal, crew change, in a safe and timely manner in accordance with Project requirements.
  • Liaise with VMT, subcontractors and supply chain management process in order to ensure that Project Line pipes, equipment & material mobilization/demobilization, customs clearance, tracking, handling, storage and final delivery onto offshore installation vessel are executed in a safe and timely manner.
  • Ensure that the logistics activities overall are performed in agreement with approved HSE procedures, participate to Risk Assessment when appropriate, participate and generate Job Safety Analysis, Tool Box Talk as needed, apply for Management of Change where required, perform lesson learns and end of project documents.
  • Manage logistic officers and coordinators.