Field Engineer Static Equipment

POSITION Field Engineer Static Equipment

Type of Unit:
Rotataion: 28/28
Start Date: ASAP

DATE POSTED 2020-06-24
VALID 2020-07-08
NR. REF. FIE//06/2020
  • We are offering cooperation with one of the leading consultants in the Baltic Sea region.
  • The PSL ensures the execution of the engineering activities within his area of responsibility, works following the TM
  • guidelines cooperates with the other Project positions and ensures the compliance with the QA/QC and HSE requirements.
  • Tasks include:
  • Development of Technology know how and Commercial support
  • Feasibility
  • Provide technical support to other Project positions for specialist aspects
  • Bidding phase/Commercial proposal
  • Analyze and understand Tender documentation
  • Define Discipline list of activities and deliverables and coordinate activities in accordance with Project schedule
  • Identify technical queries, deviations and alternatives to be submitted
  • Implement bidding methodologies, design criterias and guidelines
  • Define and issue Request for quotation for not estimated in-house items
  • Coordinate material quantities and weight estimation
  • Prepare engineering manhour and material cost estimations
  • Support the Proposal Manager during technical clarification meetings with the Client
  • Project Execution
  • Ensure the achievement of the assigned goal and the fulfillment of the Project quality and contractual requirements. Take
  • the necessary corrective actions within the Discipline Project Team to meet the assigned goal. Report to the TM for more
  • extensive problems
  • Define list of activities and deliverables, setup time schedule, coordinate activities in accordance with contractual
  • requirements
  • Ensure Discipline Project progress, monitor and control manhour consumption
  • Prepare technical annexes for engineering activities to be subcontracted
  • Ensure subcontractor coordination and monitoring/reporting to PM of the Discipline budget costs
  • Ensure proper Discipline workflow, interfaces, quality checks and approval of all Discipline Project documents, including
  • Vendor ones
  • Track and report to TM Discipline scope of work changes updating manhour and cost estimates
  • Provide technical support to Project functions including Procurement and Construction
  • Support PM in technical interfacing with the Client (according to TM)
  • Define and issue Purchase Requisitions
  • Ensure Technical Bid Evaluations
  • Ensure Vendor follow-up activities
  • Provide technical support for the definition of the Discipline construction inspection plan
  • Manage Vendor inspection test plan approval and support post order activities
  • Construction and start up
  • Support the construction team in implementing the engineering solutions at site
  • Home office activities (master)
  • Verify manhour and cost estimates
  • Check key Project documents according to internal procedures
  • Support Project teams to solve non standard technical issues
  • Update Discipline workflows and technical standards
  • Support execution plan definition
  • Monitor Discipline Project KPIs
  • Participate to Vendor technical qualification and to procurement strategy definition